Investment Focus

Our investment practice is sharply focused and highly disciplined:  we complete and manage equity investments in companies where we can apply our experience, resources and professional management practices to accelerate growth.

BlueWater evaluate’s acquisitions and equity investment’s on our core competencies that meet the following criteria:

  • Market leaders presenting opportunities for growth
  • Opportunities to grow organically and/or by acquisition
  • Competitive differentiators
  • Business limitations which we can overcome. e.g. Management, Capital, Operating Issues

We work closely with senior management to develop strategic plans for growth and identify the resources required to support those plans. We get into the trenches with each of our companies to understand the industry, markets and opportunities for growth. We  establish defined roles and responsibilities for BlueWater, portfolio management, board members and other advisors. Our practice is to stay involved, focus on adding value and implementing operational improvements throughout every stage of the investment. We help the operating entity:

  • Develop and execute strategic plans
  • Confront operational issues
  • Manage cash and finance growth
  • Develop management
  • Increase asset utilization